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From front grilles, fenders and hood & boot lids

Valiant Emblems

While in 1960-61, they only displayed the "Valiant" nameplate, the cars subsequently also carried "Plymouth" badges, generally on the grille, bonnet and luggage lid. For a logo, the early years seem to hesitate between the red and blue arrow head logo, or the red and white chequered logo, before simply omitting them.

Emblems distinguishing the models (eg "100", "Two Hundred" or "Signet") can also be found, on the rear quarter panels or on the front fenders. While the lettering of the "Plymouth" plates seem to stabilise, the "Valiant" one varies greatly from one year to the other, although some form of "italic" or "script" seems to be the common denominator.

By 1963, the Chrysler "Pentastar" medaillon appeared behind the wheel arch of all Chrysler products, and was dropped around 1972 or 73. For some unknown reason, it seems that it was only ever displayed on the passenger side. The pentastar has reappeared stamped in the original fender loaction on late-model chrysler products, but now appears on both fenders behind the wheel.

front grille emblem

front grille emblem

1960 / 1961
probably "spare wheel" luggage lid emblem

1962 (?) - (?)

1963 or 64 (?) - front fender emblem

1963 or 64 (?) - (?)

1966 (?) - fender emblem (?)
The 1966 models used three valiant logos. The Signet received the 'Valiant Signet' logo like the 1967 one below. The Valiant 200 was on the rear quarter, and 100 used a front fender mounted Valiant 100.

Thanks to Gary Kuklo for sending this information: check his excellent 1966 Plymouth Valiant website.

1966-67 - Signet quarter panel emblem

1970 to 1974 - fender emblem

1963 to 1973 - "Pentastar" fender emblem (was only fitted to the right hand side).

1972 to 1976 - Valiant "Scamp" fender emblem.