Plymouth Valiant Virtual Museum

Dedicated to the Plymouth Valiants and derived "A-Body" models made between 1960 and 1976.

Compiling information, documents, and photos about this modest but charming car.

67' Plymouth Valiant Signet

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30th March 2009.

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Content of the Museum

  • Brief history of the Plymouth Valiant:
    From cradle to grave, the story of the Plymouth brand and of the Valiant models.
  • Plymouth Valiant Timeline 1960 - 1976:
    Year by year, all the Valiant, Barracuda, Dodge Dart and Challenger models and versions, with a photographic gallery.
  • Exhibitions:
    • Famous Valiants:
      A retrospective of the Plymouth Valiant in movies and others celebrities A-Bodies.
    • Emblems Cabinet:
      A display of emblems found throughout the years on Valiant front grilles, fender, quarter panels or luggage lid.
    • Owner's Manuals:
      A retrospective of Valiant Owner's Manuals.
    • Brochures:
      Showing the covers of some Valiant dealers brochures.
    • Adverts:
      Press advertisements promoting the various Valiant models.
    • Postcards:
      A very small collection of postcards representing Valiant.
    • Literature:
      Books, magazines and other publications featuring Valiants.